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Dear Helen, I have an adorable little girl who is 6 months old. She is my first child and I have no previous experience with a lot of things regarding babies. I've recently noticed that my baby does not focus her sight on the objects around her and her eyes are not on the same level. It seems as if one of her eyes always goes to the side. By what age should a baby have eye focus? Should I be worried?
Moms' answer:
Babies still do not have coordinated symmetrical movements of the eyeballs at 6 months. If the problem is less noticeable, an examination by a ophthalmologist is usually recommended when the baby is 9-12 months old. But if the "wandering eye" (strabismus) is more pronounced, a consultative examination by an ophthalmologist can be conducted earlier. The most important thing is that even if there is a problem, it can be solved.
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