We have collected advice from experienced moms so that you can enjoy every moment with your baby.

Dear Helen, I have a three months old baby and I'm really happy about it. But I have to admit that these three months have been very difficult for me both physically and mentally. I believe it would be much easier for me if my husband was more active and more serious about his role as a father. I've been pointing out to him several times that I need more help with the baby and that he can't act like he is doing me a favor when I ask him to change diapers, prepare food, etc. I'm still not working and he is, so he often uses work as an excuse. Please give me your advice, am I mistaken?
Dear Helen, my husband and I sometimes have small arguments and we raise our voices and get a bit cheeky with one another. It does not represent a problem in our relationship, however, I often think about how it affects the children because sometimes they are present and can hear noise and feel the tension. Should we be more careful when arguing? Are those little arguments negatively affecting our children?
Dear Helen, I have a wonderful one-year-old baby and I feel as though my husband and I have mastered the role of parents, which makes me very happy. But our relationship is not as it once was, I feel I'm no longer attractive to my husband, and I do not want us to be a couple who loses all passion and romance after the baby's birth. I do not know what to do in order to awake those feelings in him again. I kindly ask for your advice.
Dear Helen, I recently noticed that lately my baby is nervous before going to sleep. Before, my son would fall asleep within a few minutes, but he is now crying and really loudly. He is 15 months old. Do you have any advice?
Dear Helen, I have a problem with my husband's mother. She is truly experienced, with 4 children and 3 grandchildren. But she thinks everything I do with my baby is wrong and humiliates my role as a mother by not consulting me about anything regarding my baby. I do not want this to affect my marriage, but I'm starting to lose my patience and I do not know what to do anymore.
Is it normal that my baby, who is 9 months old already, is still not crawling? When I put her on her stomach, she starts crying. It has been that way ever since she was born. As soon as I put her on her stomach, she starts crying and she makes it clear that she doesn’t want to be on her stomach. What should I do?
Helen, my situation keeps getting more and more complicated. More than once, I have had a situation while I am outside with my 2-year-old daughter in a public place, such as the shopping center or supermarket, where she starts acting out, making a fit and crying. Usually some unknown person approaches her and starts to discipline her. This especially happens when we are in a store and I do not want to buy her a certain item. Someone immediately comes over and starts lecturing her. It really bothers me and it only makes the situation worse. I feel like a failure of a parent. What should I do in such situations and how should I treat that person?
Dear Helen, my husband is still afraid of holding our 5 months old baby. I tried to help him overcome his fear of holding babies, since I have already learned despite us both initially being afraid of improperly holding the baby, but he doesn’t want to learn. I am not sure if this is a rejection of his new parental role, fear of hurting the baby or fear of not holding it properly. I know that he loves both the baby and me, but I am really frustrated by this situation. How can I help him overcome his fear?
Family members are insisting that my child’s name is an old traditional one that my grandfather used to have. Although the name has sentimental value, I am considering my child and don’t want him to be mocked by other kids because of his name or to possibly feel isolated because of it. Am I exaggerating or can a name really affect a child?
My son is 4 years old and he is still not pronouncing words very well. Lately he has been inverting words even more than before. I wonder if the underlying reason is jealousy as we have another baby in the family - my sister-in-law’s baby. I am thinking this may be his way of trying to attract our attention?
Dear Helen, my baby is eating very poorly. The pediatrician told me that, since he is six months old, he can and should already start chewing solid food. But whenever I give him anything that has been squashed with a fork and not with a blender, he starts choking. He also has a very poor appetite. What should I do? Thank you in advance for your help.
Helen, my little girl is 4 months old and while my friends’ babies are already trying to sit up, my little girl seems to be lazy to even try at all. I heard girls are usually more active than male babies. Can you tell me if I should point and place her in a sitting position, or should I let her try all of the moves by herself?
Dear Helen, I have a 10 months old boy. He is cheerful and progressing nicely. Since I did not have enough of my milk at the start, I fed him with other milk, as well. After the third month, I no longer had milk so he was using adapted milk. That was his favorite food, but since last Sunday he’s been refusing it. He hardly drinks 30-80 ml of milk. He eats other food without any problems. Helen, do I have a reason to be worried?
Good afternoon Helen, can you help me with a dilemma - if a baby is sleeping on the same side can it create a dent in its head? I place my boy to sleep on his stomach, but he is already big and he turns around on his own, so he often wants to sleep on his back. Should I worry and listen to other moms who say that the head can flatten?
Dear Helen, my baby is 6 months old and still hasn’t started eating solid foods. However, even the thought of solids makes me insanely afraid. I'm afraid that he will choke. Even when he chokes on my milk, I get overwhelmed because I don’t know how to react. I think my constant fear is not realistic, but I cannot resist the terrible concern that torments me. How can I stop worrying?
Dear Helen, I have an adorable little girl who is 6 months old. She is my first child and I have no previous experience with a lot of things regarding babies. I've recently noticed that my baby does not focus her sight on the objects around her and her eyes are not on the same level. It seems as if one of her eyes always goes to the side. By what age should a baby have eye focus? Should I be worried?