Find out how experienced moms reviewed Helen Harper baby products.

  • Jamie

    My baby can be fussy when wet, and she cries even more. But Helen Harper Baby pants have fantastic technology that just keeps the liquid within the diaper, so I don't need to worry about their crying anymore. This mom can finally relax!

  • Naomi

    The wet-lock technology that Helen Harper Baby diapers have just can't compare to the others! They absorb super well, and the bonus point is that my baby never got a diaper rash from them. This is really important because my girl's skin is so soft and super sensitive.

  • Annie

    Ever since I tried Helen Harper Baby pants, I was pleasantly astonished by their quality! The most important thing is that they don't leak and that my little girl can freely explore the world around her. The pants give her all the comfort and freedom of movement she needs.

  • Dorothy

    My best friend convinced me to try Helen Harper Baby diapers, and I can say that that was the best decision for my babycare. Even though my baby is not wearing nappies anymore, we remained loyal to them until the last day!

  • Mary

    I have finally stopped experimenting and testing different pants brands. So comfortable, without any leaks for my baby, and with amazing price, every mom should try Helen Harper Baby products.

  • Samantha

    My little boy is five months old, and these diapers are our biggest discovery! We've tried many more brands available on the market, but only they have a certain softness and dryness technology that just never disappoints.


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