Dear Helen, how can I help my baby eat more and start having solid food?

“ Dear Harper family, my baby is eating very poorly. The pediatrician told me that, since he is six months old, he can and should already start chewing solid food. But whenever I give him anything that has been squashed with a fork and not with a blender, he starts choking. He also has a very poor appetite. What should I do? Thank you in advance for your help. ”

Dear Mom,

Your pediatrician is right because a 6-month-old baby should eat solid food.

I understand your concern since this is your first baby, so you have no experience, but what is more important is what you do have – patience and will.

Place your baby in the semi-sitting position, place a smaller number of small solids (pieces of zucchini, polenta, bananas) in the blended food, and feed your baby with a scoop that will initially have just one or two pieces of small solids.

If your baby starts choking a bit, do not be afraid, you are there for her/him.

Lean him/her forward and use a small spoon to remove the piece of food.

Immediately afterwards, soothe your baby (talk to and smile at them) and then continue to feed them.

During the next meals and days, gradually reduce the amount of blended food in favor of the pieces of solids.

You will succeed, I believe in you!

As far as appetite is concerned, we are all different and if your baby is adequately gaining weight, you have no reason for concern.

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