About Helen Harper

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About Helen Harper

There is nothing more important for a mom and a dad than seeing their baby happy. Baby is happy when they feel comfortable so that he can fully enjoy his/her everyday discoveries.​

Helen Harper is offering high quality baby care products, designed at European standards, to cover all babies and all parents’ needs.​

More comfort for babies, more convenience for parents!



Dear Helen, which are the most common symptoms of pregnancy?  

Some of the earliest symptoms may include tiredness and unwellness which are very common, along with...

Dear Helen, how to take care of my health after giving birth?  

Being a mother is not an easy job, the advice is indeed quite beneficial, but...

Dear Helen, should I be worried that my baby isn’t drinking his favorite milk anymore?  

Try to mix it with baby porridge, whisk it in pudding, boiled semolina, rice pudding, etc. I also recommend that you ...


where is the nearest store to buy Helen Harper products?

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where is the nearest store to buy Helen Harper products?

Look no further and click to check the main shops selling it. If you do not find something near to you, contact us and we will see how we can help you.