Dear Helen, how to take care of my health after giving birth?  

“Dear Harper family, I’m a new mom and I’m looking for some advice on how to take care of my health after giving birth. Do you have any suggestions or tips that could help me? Thank you!  “

Dear mom,

Being a mother is not an easy job, the advice is indeed quite beneficial, but every mother will discover her own real-world approach.

However, nipple milk and the natural oils on them both have protective properties. The infant is protected from disease by a range of chemicals found in breast milk, so there is little chance of contracting an infection in this method.

As a result, there is no requirement to sanitize the breasts prior to each feeding. Wiping the nipples with warm, boiling water once or twice a day will be adequate during the breastfeeding stage.

Using carbonated water or soap at this time is not advised as it might cause the skin to dry out and split.

However, you should properly wash your hands before each feeding.

A few drops of milk applied to and around the nipple region might help keep the nipple supple after the infant has done eating during the breastfeeding session.

Food contributes significantly to the milk new mom produces. It is recommended to avoid diets and medications that promise fast weight loss.

Compared to women who don’t breastfeed, it is simpler for new mothers to lose weight.

Water intake is the key to enhancing milk output. Mothers should consume 2.5 to 3 liters of water a day. This is due to the fact that water makes up most of the milk.

Also, they should not skip meals, and they shouldn’t smoke or consume alcohol while doing so.

It’s also advised to drink less tea and coffee and switch to herbal teas.

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