Dear Helen, should I be worried that my baby isn’t drinking his favorite milk anymore?  

“ Dear Helen, I have a 10-month-old boy. He is cheerful and progressing nicely. Since I did not have enough of my milk at the start, I fed him with other milk, as well. After the third month, I no longer had milk, so he was using adapted milk. That was his favorite food, but since last Sunday he’s been refusing it. He hardly drinks 30-80 ml of milk. He eats other food without any problems. Helen, do I have a reason to be worried?”

Dear mom,

Good job for trying to breastfeed for at least a couple of months ! If I understood correctly, your baby was drinking adapted milk formula which he is now refusing.

Try another producer or regular cow’s milk. If he refuses that as well, there is still no reason to worry. Try to mix it with baby porridge, whisk it in pudding, boiled semolina, rice pudding, etc.

I also recommend that you use yogurt, kefir and other dairy products.

Also, it could happen that a baby refuses adapted milk formula for one period of time, and then begin to eat it again later.

You should occasionally try again, because you never know when he might pleasantly surprise you.

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